We are super excited about Purpose Clarity Academy and thank God for entrusting us with this assignment to affect the lives of individuals positively as they seek to live a life of purpose. We don't take it lightly and are honored to serve you. We don't claim expertise. However, we are very confident in the source from where we draw our lessons on purpose--THE WORD OF GOD!  


Purpose Clarity Academy has a mandate to eliminate all confusion surrounding purpose and lead individuals to live a life of purpose.

Online Platform: We have our online platform which includes our website and facebook group which consists of articles, resources and mentorship platform to equip, educate and enrich those who are committed to fulfilling God's plan for their lives.

Purpose Clarity Conferences: We hold quarterly conferences where speakers discuss the subject of purpose with individuals (especially youths).  

Purpose Clarity Seminars: We reach out to schools to speak to students on the importance of a life of purpose and give a FREE resources to the students to help clarify the subject of purpose.

Our request is simply for you to be open-minded and hearted, regardless of what stage you are in living a life of purpose. Don't beat yourself hard and also don't relax--keep a balance. As you apply what you receive, God will see to it that every confusion surrounding purpose are eliminated and you will fulfill God's plan for your life. We love to see individuals fulfill their destinies and are glad for us to walk through this journey together. Therefore, give no room to be critical. Come with a heart of love to learn and contribute.



Daniel Emmanuel is passionate about individuals bringing glory to God and fulfilling His plan for their lives. He was led to start Purpose Clarity Academy which is out to answer the purpose question and lead individuals to live a life of purpose and they do this through equipping, educating and enriching individuals through their various operations. He is also an Author and a part of the Hebrews 4 Ministries family and you can read his devotionals on our website at Hebrews4ministries.com


Olamide Ajala is a gentleman with a heart for God. He is an accounting graduate with professional experience as an Auditor for over 2 years.  As hobbies, he loves listening to songs, travelling, swimming and reading relevant materials. His passion is singing and playing good music of which he plays the guitar and piano and composes songs also.  He is currently running Finesse Culture Music School.
His heart for Jesus Christ is borne by the fact that as he has found him by His grace, he continues to seek him and live the life he has purposed for him and that people would be drawn to the Savior of the world through the power of God at work in his life. He intends advancing the Kingdom of God through his music, in which people get to listen to songs about truth, freedom, unity, Oneness and of Jesus Christ himself.  He also play a part in reaching out to the less privileged and lost individuals in need of direction as regards purpose.


Chinenye Unachukwu is a young lady who sees herself as a vessel in God's hand. A lover of God, saved to show forth God's light to the world by sharing the Gospel of Christ. She is passionate about seeing youths living for Christ. She desires to live the way God wants her to—to be perfect as her heavenly Father is and be conformed to the image of Christ. She is willing to go wherever the Lord leads preaching the Gospel unashamedly thereby changing the world.